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Get your copy of Billy the Kid - An Autobiography - the latest book that gives compelling evidence that Brushy Bill really was Billy the Kid.
Author Daniel A. Edwards makes the case for Brushy Bill by using rarely seen photographs of Brushy Bill and Billy the Kid, as well as legal  depositions taken from Brushy Bill in his effort to obtain a pardon from the Governor of New Mexico.
Daniel Edward's newest best seller is available here, as well as from most major bookstores.
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Haunted Falls
by Ken Farmer
& Buck Stienke
"If you are a fan of L'Amour, Kelton, Burroughs and Grey, you'll love Haunted Falls - the much awaited sequel to the best sellingThe Nations, as it brings to life the American frontier!
    US Deputy Marshals, under Judge Issac Parker, He Hanging Judge, patrol the Indian Nations - the most dangerous place in the world - in the late 19th century."
$18, includes shipping
"The Nations also known as "Robber's Roost" and "No-Man's Land", was regarded in the latter part of the 19th century as the bloodiest and most dangerous place in the world. It is the year 1885. A notorious band of outlaws, known as the "Larson Gang", has been terrorizing Arkansas, Missouri and the Nations for years. Judge Issac Parker, the Hanging Judge, orders an all-out concerted effort to capture the gang and bring them to justice. "If they will not respect the law; then, by God, we will make them fear it.""
The Nations
by Ken Farmer
& Buck Stienke
$18, includes shipping
Across the Red
by Ken Farmer
& Buck Stienke
Between the Indian Nations and Texas is an area on the South side of the Red River that was once the winter camp for the notorious guerrillas, William Clarke Quantrill, Bloody Bill Anderson and later, the James Gang - known as Delaware Bend.
    The same Northwest portion of Cooke County, Texas in 1896 was the center of a massive rustling operation by the Red River Gang.
    Texas Ranger Bodie Hickman enlists the aid of Deputy Marshals Bass Reeves and Jack McGann to go undercover to end this scourge once and for all."   
$18, includes shipping
Bass and the Lady
by Ken Farmer
& Buck Stienke
$18, includes shipping
"There was only one female marshal in the Indian Nations under Judge Issac Parker . . Deputy US Marshal F.M. Miller. She teams up with Bass Reeves in Bass and the Lady and goes undercover to stop a new gang of murdering rustlers. Bass has an arrest warrant for his own son . . for murder.
    Fiona Miller is also after the killer of her husband . . but she's not a vigilante, she has to bring him in legally. It's why she became a Federal Officer." 
Devil's Canyon
Buck Stienke
$18, includes shipping
"Eric Schmidt is a bright young lad learning his gunsmithing skills as an apprentice under his father's patient tutelage in the Spring of 1862. Events beyond his control drag him into the thick of combat after a marauding Yankee cavalry patrol attacks his family's ranch and murders his father, mother and younger sister.
    "Canyon of the devil . . Devil's Canyon . . Guess that is appropriate," Eric said.
    "You gonna kill me now? Billy gasped.
    "Nope . . already did."
    Devil's Canyon follows his footsteps across East Texas, into Louisiana and back as he tracks the perpetrators down and later joins the Confederate Army in defense against the Northern aggressors."  
Hell Hole
Ken Farmer
$18, includes shipping
"Bass Reeves is back! If you're a fan of L'Amour, Kelton, Burroughs and Grey, you'll love HELL HOLE - the third novel in the best selling and award winning Bass Reeves saga in The Nations.
. . . Bass Reeves and his partner, Jack McGann, are tasked to bring in the Griffin gang and clean out the cesspool of outlaws at a town known as Catoosa, the Hell Hole. Judge Parker wants "that bunch of societal paragons of miscreants and malefactors that are gathered there eliminated" and doesn't' care how Bass and his men do it."
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About Billy the Kid
NEW NOVEL BY SUE LAND, CEO of the Billy the Kid Museum
Murder on the Trinity is the first in a series of novels by Sue Land.
ABOUT THE BOOK: Sheriff Jonathan Lawrence is in a race to find the mad man who is killing and burying his victims along the banks of the Trinity River, in the East Texas Piney Woods, before the monster strikes again. So far, three women have been brutally murdered and buried in shallow graves along the river allowing for easy discovery. Life becomes more complicated when he bumps into beautiful, haunted, Samantha Wiggins, a reporter for the Houston Gazette. Samantha is on a collision course with the mad man as she struggles with her ability to witness his horrific carnage and for her growing attraction for Sheriff Jonathan.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sue Land is a native Texan and is devoted to preserving Texas culture and history. She is an active historian and has written and been involved in filmmaking for more than twenty-five years. In addition to being author of the Murder on the Trinity mystery book series, Sue is the Director and Producer for Swanee Productions, an independent film company, as well as the Director and Publicist for the Billy the Kid Museum in Hico, Texas.
All books by Sue Land ordered from this site will be autographed by Sue.
$13.00 plus shipping
Bob Terry interviews Daniel Edwards,
author of Billy the Kid, An Autobiography